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24Heavy is in his Safe Mode

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Cover for 24Heavy's Safe Mode

You may have come across the name 24Heavy earlier this summer when the Atlanta rapper teamed up with YFN Lucci and 21 Savage on the official remix for his single "Safe Mode." The remix came after 24Heavy's project Heavy World dropped earlier this year. And maybe you're thinking, 'How'd he land those guys?', well it may have helped that a young 24Heavy grew up running around ATL's The Bluff with YFN Lucci. In an interview about the hit single, 24Heavy reflects on recording some of his earliest music at Lucci's house. Well, 24Heavy is back with his new project, Safe Mode, and it's great. The fourteen track project wraps up in under forty five minutes and features seven different artists, like: Jazze Pha, YSL Duke, Rico Cash, and even Kollision.

Safe Mode starts with an apology to his fans for making them wait. It's quick and straight to the point. He begins the opening track, "Nobody Safe," with the pre-hook, "I had charges, I beat the cases," a clear reference to the six year wait fans waited for his previous project and this one to drop due to legal setbacks. 24Heavy is filled with passion as he strictly sings from the soul on next track, "Safe Mode" featuring Kollision. Conversations with both God and Satan gives 24Heavy the ability to protect him and his people. He's home, he's with his family, and he's shredded anyone and everything no longer needed -- he's is in his safe mode. The Worldstar Exclusive music video for, "Safe Mode," has racked up just below half a million views and counting (you'll find the video below.)

My favorite track comes thirteen songs deep and it's titled, "Grow Old." A ballad-like track, 24Heavy speaks about a vision foretelling his legacy that he'll leave behind. Willing to put everything on the line and even die for it, he's got no time to waste when it comes to grinding out his new path.

I don't doubt that 24Heavy is a name to watch from here on out. If you haven't peeped him before, don't worry I've got the project below. Go show some love on 24Heavy's social media and let him know that DWHH sent you! I'm sorry that it's not SoundCloud this time, but you can find the project on Spotify and Apple Music.

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