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"August" in September

Artwork for Ryan Trey's "August"
New debut project titled "August" from Ryan Trey

In case you don't follow Bryson Tiller on Twitter, he's recently co-signed Ryan Trey, a 19 yr old singer / songwriter out of St. Louis. According to Tiller, Trey rode with them on the bus while Tiller was touring last year. Just in case you don't follow Tiller on Twitter, we've posted the screenshot in a box to the left, to the left.

On a side note, I recommend checking out his music video here.

Trey is definitely a vibe. We haven't been able to take "August" off repeat since we found out about him 5ish hours ago. I personally believe he's going to make a huge splash out of the gate -- especially with the help of an established artist like Tiller. The 13 track project romanticizes falling out of love over melancholic beats that keeps the listener in a nostalgic trance reminiscing about ex lovers and past relationships.

We've been working on a who to look out for in 2019 post and Ryan Trey is definitely going to hit that list.

You can stream his new project below, and keep us updated on what you think about it below in the comments.

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