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Benjamin Earl Turner presents, F**k EP

Cover art for Benjamin Earl Turner's EP "Fuck"

Presenting "Fuck" by Benjamin Earl Turner. A four-track, fourteen minute EP structured around concepts from the novel Erasure by Percival Everett. Turner finds a parallel between himself and the protagonist, Monk, who both own their personal struggles of being creative humans.  

The project bangs off with, "Truth Serum," a three and a half minute track that navigates the ins and outs of Turner's painful truths. During the introduction Turner's voice bends from a low to high pitch, mimicking the resilience of willow trees as he twists and turns through haunting thoughts of not being enough for himself or anyone else. Apathetic to his own reflection, Turner explains that finding self-love isn't an easy concept to grasp, friends are hard to keep around when they know too much, and breakdowns happen anywhere anytime. Turner utilizes advice from his grandma and father as building blocks to his new foundation of truth. You gotta get through life with the pedal to the floor, so buckle up -- it's gonna be rough.

The words quickly flick off his tongue as Turner channels his inner Ja Rule on the following track, "Ja Rule." You'll find yourself repeating this track over and over and over and over again just to catch all the wisdom that Turner spills in three minutes. I hear a heavy Chicago influence with hints of Chance the Rapper, Alex Wiley, and Saba in Turner's inspiration as he explains to his girl that he'll soon be making enough money to make love to her... condom free. Here's to hoping that Turner isn't inspired to pull a Ja Rule and throw another Fyre Festival...

I'm tryna make that I don't give a fuck money for if I should want a face tat

Hancock to them hoes, don't know where my cape at

Will Smith talent still on my Pursuit of Happiness

The third track on the project, "M'baku Shit," features Daveed Diggs and could be the most obvious comparison to Erasure. I mean, Turner starts the intro off with, 

"Woke up feeling like I'm Monk in this bitch // Rich white folks think they're in the monkey business," a clear jab at those executives profiting off of the struggle of the black community. It's a very quick paced track that gives Turner the ability to showcase his lyrical acrobats and natural songwriting talent. I appreciate Turner and Diggs's stream of consciousness on this track. It oddly reminds me of reading books from Albert Camus in high school, and it works as a great juxtaposition to the final track, "Apathy Happy," featuring Rafael Statin. A monotone Turner tones down his energy and nonchalantly explains that he just can't give a fuck. It is what it is. Get over it.

If you haven't heard the project you can find it streaming on ALL major platforms, so I highly suggest you peep it soon. I've also posted it below and a music video. You're welcome, friends.

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