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Boda's "23 Winters"

Cover art for Boda's project "23 Winters"

You're probably thinking, who's Boda? Well, I reached out and got the answers.

You're 23, your new EP 23 Winters just dropped and it has garnered over 50k streams in one week on SoundCloud's platform alone. How are you feeling, man? What's going through your head?

I'm feeling really good about the release, and even though I know this is just the start its dope knowing I have a solid foundation to build from.

When I'm listening to you on this new project, it feels like a more matured Boda. It seems like you're finding a comfort zone and opening up more. What's it like getting personal with your fans on this level?

Opening up has never been something I was great at, so to me this was pretty personal. I feel I left a piece of myself in the project.

One of the biggest topics that stood out to me is your parents' marriage and how it didn't set you up properly for lessons in love. How's that shaping up now with the ladies?

So, when I say I didn't learn from my parents its because I truly didn't and it took me a while to understand how to be in a healthy relationship. So I've had a few ugly ones before the one I'm in now. I've learned and have grown a lot through those as a person and as well as an artist.

I really vibe the most to "WYA" on the project. And to be honest, it feels like you put a lot of time and effort into the structure of this track even though its short. Are you planning to move forward with a similar sound following the short success of 23 Winters?

I definitely always plan on changing as an artist but as far as keeping the same vibe I think ill always have that because its who I am. Even as sound changes and I mature I think there will always be that core vibe I continue to have.

It seems like you're always getting your hands dirty in the studio. How much do you get involved with production and engineering? Are you heavily involved or do you trust your engineers to get the job done correctly?

Yeah, I pretty much live in my studio. cuz it's literally in my house, haha, but as far as production I used to do a lot but for this project, I had Ayothegawd and dls produce the whole thing. And for engineers, I record, mix, and master everything by myself. 

Alright, and to wrap it up I like to ask two questions that are more fun and not so related to your music directly. If you weren't here, at this moment making music, what would you be doing? Anything you want. 

Man, to be honest, I'd probably be trying to get to the league or still selling weed.

Second, inside of our immediate hip hop culture, what songs and/or artists do you find yourself going back to?

Dani Leigh, "Lil Bebe," is my shit right now, also a big fan of Trippie's new album and the new 21 Savage joint [is] goin crazy too.

Upon dropping his newest project, 23 Winters, the twenty-three old Boda's most played track was "Vanish Freestyle" on his SoundCloud page. The track had garnered over twelve thousand streams since it's release. As a guitar riff plucks gently across the instrumental, a Travis Scott-inspired Boda raps about putting on for his city, spending cash he earns daily and carving a spot in the culture. 

Fast forward three months and Boda's back blowing up speakers with the first single from, 23 Winters, "What I Want." A complete banger where Boda nonchalantly flexes the little extravagances of being a rapper on the rise. He's got a little money on his wrist but it's not a watch. If time is money, Boda doesn't need to worry about it. And I mean, who ices out Pateks anymore? That's so two-thousand-and-late-teen. It's safe to say that Boda has found a system that works, as the track is less than a hundred plays away from hitting twenty-seven thousand streams. If you want to read more about this, you can peep information here: https://www.dawaveshiphop.com/home/joey-boda-does-only-what-he-wants

Boda's 23 Winters consists of nine tracks that bang through your headphones for twenty-one minutes and includes only one feature. It's worth the listen -- I can promise you that. Coming out of East Nebraska (402 to be exact), Boda holds a unique presence behind the microphone where he pulls sounds from people like 21 Savage, Trippie Redd, and Travis Scott. He spends time elaborating on the transition from athlete turned drug dealer, heartbreaks, and finding new love and new passions for the grind in our culture. 23 Winters, booms off with "Feel," a short introduction into a relationship with a girl too caught up in her social media presence. Pretty much, Boda doesn't want to deal with anymore distractions. His parents' marriage didn't set him up for success when it came to relationships.

On the following track, "Number 9," Boda mimics the idea that he doesn't have time to play games with these girls. Again, time is money and Boda isn't wasting either on them. Boda boasts that he spends every day and night dealing with this drama and he just needs space. A drug-induced trance keeps him rolling away from these issues and it's the best way he can handle it for now. The track wraps up under two minutes and transitions you into, "Cold Heart." A track where Boda really opens up about his past: how his goals set on the league fizzled into moving packs of drugs, an iffy relationship with his father, and he explores the mindset of being cold-hearted. Boda walks down a treacherous road and as he opens up more he explains the transition as:

It's a fucking tragedy, it's just what it had to be

I used to be an athlete, now I slang a bag a week

I burn it like a calorie, it's coming to me naturally

The way I move so casually, that's my personality. 

"Novacaine," comes in as the fourth track of the project and includes a poppy-synth-fused upbeat instrumental under Boda's heart-wrenching words about a spiteful relationship. Talk about juxtaposition at it's finest. As the song progresses through you'll feel a heavy-Trippie-Redd inspiration behind Boda's vibe. "Novacaine," acts as a solid transition into "Toxic," where we find Boda flexing a little more than previously on other tracks from 23 Winters. "Toxic," is followed up by "Need," and "Interlude." Two tracks that lead you into my favorite track on the project, "WYA." A track that has such great structure, I can see it being an underground hit in Boda's arsenal later down the road. It's the type of track that'll have all his fans losing their minds when the instrumental starts at his live shows. Boda's energy is strong and matches the beat so well it becomes hard to keep your body still. A perfect setup for "What I Want," the hit single off 23 Winters

If you haven't heard, 23 Winters, you can find it below. Go a head and let Boda know that DWHH sent you and show some love.

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