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Cutboy Ceeno's, Feed then Feast

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

It's been a while since you've heard from me. Well, I'm back.

I've known Cutboy Ceeno personally for a few months now, however, I've yet to meet him in person. We're hoping that changes next month in February when I head out to Florida. I've kept Ceeno's single, "Irrelevant," in heavy rotation since last summer's drop. A single that lead me to believe that his entire project, Feed Then Feast, would be full of wavy dancehall vibes, but I was surely mistaken. Instead, I was greeted with eleven tracks and thirty four minutes of the exploration of who Cutboy Ceeno really is.

The project starts hard. And I mean really, really hard. A bone-breaking boom-bap instrumental bumps heavy behind bars that hold harsh honesty. As an eyewitness to the craziness, Ceeno covers what it's like to start at the bottom of the totem pole on the opening track, "Intro (From the Bottom)." The concrete jungle that Ceeno has found himself fighting to leave behind has created a calloused soul which recognizes the downfall of the world around him and what he has to do to shield his daughter from it all. From doing dirty deeds, protecting his own, and saving himself from the biggest enemy (a relationship with the hustler within), Ceeno maneuvers the conversation with a certain pride for what's he's already accomplished in such a short time. Essentially, it's his time, he knows it and he's here to take it with no help needed from anyone else.

He backs his mindset up with the following track, "I'm Like," in which he compares himself to the greatest of predators: lions, panthers, A.I. or even Kobe Bryant in the Finals. I admire Ceeno's ability to change his cadence throughout the verses. These subtle changes represent a true predator perfecting his attack-style or even A.I.'s insanely quick ball-handling skills as he cuts through defenses like, Fruit Ninja. The song is a perfect segway to the next track, "Summer Time in Miami," that features Suess and Yves Saint. The upbeat anthem preaches that the summertime is the best time to be your best self. I mean with drugs being sold at happy hour prices, and the baddest of girls coming out to all the parties, and your plottin' turns to action, how can you not be excited for the summertime in Miami

The same wavy energy transfers to his next dancehall vibe, "Irrelevant," featuring Bushy B. A track that I haven't stopped listening to since it's release months ago. I'm a sap for love songs, what can I say? Ceeno lays it all on the line for his girl. Ceeno is the role model kids need right now. The track is not only a love song but also acts as a nod of appreciation to strong women in general. This is the type of track that changes the mindset of how we view and talk about the women in our culture and Ceeno is definitely the guy to push this agenda as he's recently ushered in his newborn daughter. 

The next four tracks: "Dead Prez," "Magic," "How 'bout That," and "In My Bag" keep you listening 'till you get a ninth track on the project, "Stack It." Honestly, my favorite track on the project. Ceeno talks about the struggle of not spending the money he's always dreamed about obtaining. And even though he's been dying to spend it all and ball out, he stacks it up and grinds like he's broke the next day. The entire three minutes keep you jumping in your seat, or if you're like me, dancing around your 9-5 like Usher in rain. Hey, sometimes I just gotta dance! And the chorus of this track is too good not to keep your head nodding to the following:

Stack that bread, tell 'em it's time to eat

Been through losses, now I'm on my feet

Ran my check up, I got tired of walking

Too much bread, I can't eat if I keep talking

Ceeno wraps up his project, Feed Then Feast, with "Born for This," and "Hunnit." Two tracks that end the project the same way it started -- really, really hard. "Born for This" touches on a common theme in our culture, the street life chose me. Ceeno breaks down his past like a brick and strings grams of brash truthfulness together and serves it quickly to the ears. There's just no way to stop the momentum he's building and he ends the project with a similar energy on the following track, "Hunnit." An explosive track that sticks two middle fingers up to any friend who's stabbed you in the back and isn't riding for the homies. 

If you haven't heard the project yet, you can find it streaming on all major platforms. We've included it below as well and the music video for "Irrelevant."

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