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F#$K THAT w/ Vince Staples!

Vince Staples

Are you guys fans of Vince Staples? Ever since his 2015 XXL Freshman spotlight, Vince has proven he can dominate the rap game. His Big Fish Theory album is roughly a year old now and still bangs my speakers to oblivion. Since the album, he's done a slew of features 'till recently when he dropped his single, Get the Fuck off my Dick. The single ventures the escapades of fame and fans, the lavish life, and finally making it. Vince just wants to be left alone.

Regardless of his musical talent, he's venturing into other mediums. Earlier this year, Vince did a guest appearance on the hit show American Dad! as a battle rapper. Carl Jones, a producer of The Boondocks, as well as an executive producer on, Legends of Chamberlain Heights and Black Dynamite, recently hinted at a "new toon" with D.R.A.M. and Vince. If that's true, we're stoked! I mean, I'm pretty sure Vinny once started a GoFundMe to raise money for him to just shut up already. The guy is comedy gold... and in case you're bummin' on a cartoon that hasn't even been created yet like we are, you can start watching Vince's newest show, F#$K That with Vince Staples, presented by Uproxx. The show is taking a new streaming approach and is currently only available through Snapchat. We've added the SnapCode below to scan!

The show follows Vince and his friends as they follow "new hip" trends circulating in different cultures. To be honest, it's mostly Vince trickin' his friends into doing bizarre stuff for his amusement, however, the show does have tons of factual information from experts. You'll end up peeing from your eyes and crying in your pants!

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