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Flexin' VVS' in his mouth, Whippin' a Wraith, and puttin' 1.8m on what?

Lil Pump at Coachella 2018

Lil Pump is livin' out his wildest dreams. Earlier this year he re-signed an $8m contract with Warner Bros for one album, Harvard Dropout. Pump has been teasing the album since January, and back in April told us it was finished. We'll hopefully know soon (fun fact: his following project will be a collab with Smokepurpp.)

Within the last 24hrs, Pump has been showing off the time of his life on his Instagram story. First off, he flexed a frosty mouth full VVS's on a new grill. Within hours, he was whippin' around vehicles in a Rolls Royce Wraith -- livin' out that GTA life in real life!

Lil Pump's new grill piece

The craziest thing about the last 24 hours -- the fact that Pump just flexed $1.8m on a brand new pinky ring for himself. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Check out the ring below and let us know what you think about these last few purchases. Pump, if you're reading this, we strongly believe these purchases were not ideal -- especially after the $4.5m house back in April.

Lil Pump's newest $1.8m pinky ring

Should Lil Pump start sayin', "Stay frosty!"?

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