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Freeway's "Think Free"

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

13 tracks of struggles and success of growing in Philly.
Freeway's "Think Free"

Freeway dropped his new project, Think Free, featuring, Lil Uzi Vert, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne & a grip more. It's been a few years since Freeway dropped, Freemix (2015), and during this hiatus Freeway battled against kidney failure. With the recent scare, it's apparent that Think Free is the foundation for guiding the culture into a more woke mindset. Freeway starts the project off with his "Intro," with a brash explanation of the struggles and success of hustling and falling for someone(thing). He ends the song like it starts, praising his guide and his faith in religion. The real banger, "Blood Pressure" featuring Lil Wayne, follows right after. Freeway comes in hard right off the bat, hitting us with:

"Flamethrower, we be scorin', we be reppin', 'till the game over

I'ma be a rap legend in a Range Rover"

The track doesn't let up once. It's a complete banger through and through. Lil Wayne enters into the verse with a spelling bee and it might just genius.

If you haven't peeped the album yet, please do. It's a 13 track album that ventures through the mind of Freeway that struggled in the Philly streets 'till he blossomed into a prominent voice in New Rothchilds / Roc Nation and the hip hop culture itself. A 17 year old VET still "tryna build [his] legacy."

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