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Joey Boda does only what he wants

Joey Boda's cover art for his new single "What I Want"

Joey Boda isn't a household name — yet. He's currently carving out a small corner for himself on SoundCloud, and I'm stoked. I stumbled across Boda on IG earlier this year. He's consistently dropping music that's crisp, wavy, and so damn catchy I find myself singing his songs hours later. I'll admit, he's a staple on my personal 2k19 Game Time playlist. It's good day when you see someone like Boda who's delivery, lyrical ability, and songwriting get the recognition they deserve.

Boda recently dropped his newest single, "What I Want," less than 20 days ago and the song has garnered 20k plays on SoundCloud already. His laid-back flow allows him to maneuver the track like nothing is going to stop him — it doesn't matter if he wins or not. We're cool if Boda keeps doing what he wants, as long as he keeps dropping bangers like this!

Peep the song below, leave a comment on Boda's page and let him we sent you.

Our favorite lyrics:

"Tell these other mother fuckin' rappers they done

Competition I don't see none, I don't wanna live and die young

I just wanna do what I want"

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