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Jon Keith's, Nobody Else, Hits Home

John Keith on set for "Nobody Else" video shoot

Jon Keith, originally from San Diego, just dropped visuals for his single, "Nobody Else." Keith has been on a mission in the last year, dropping two different projects, "Lost Boys" and "Honeyblonde," accompanying them with music videos as well as starting a new vlog covering a more intimate part of his day-to-day personal life. With all the content coming from him, this latest drop is definitely my favorite.

Keith is no stranger to speaking on religion, manifesting realities, and creating music that'll make you reflect about yourself. On his latest drop, "Nobody Else," Keith bounces around a dimly lit pier as he preaches to confidently boast that you can't be nobody else to your own reflection — you gotta believe it first. He gets intimate with his fans explaining that he's sick of faking himself and wasting time, that Keith is in the past.

Check the video out below and make sure to show Jon Keith some love from DWHH!

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