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Look What Happened -- FBG Duck

Clout Boys presents FBG Duck's newest single, Look What Happened. His follow up single to Slide (2018), which has racked up just over 26 million views on YouTube alone! Look What Happened, gives Duck three and half minutes to reminisce about being broke to bone and robbin' fools to come up on cash. His flow is choppy, brash, and angsty has he brags about flexin' for his fam.

After Slide dropped, I remember an interview with Duck, talking about how he didn't have many goals in hip hop, but he wanted to stay positive, make music, and never ever go broke. Well, Duck brags about giving his momma a rack ($1k for the folks in the back) for every year she's been alive. Talk about son of year tho! I guess that new $1.7 million contact with Sony is comin' in handy. We're stoked for you Duck -- keep hustlin'!

"I went from being broke to being rich than a mothafucka, magic Let me tell you how it happened Bitch, I had to pray for it Talk about grind, I'm on that like a skateboard I had to sit back and wait for it"

- FBG Duck "Look What Happened"

Look What Happened is streaming on all major platforms, but just for old time sakes, we're blastin' your Soundcloud Duck!

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