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Lou Simms with the vibes Tonight

Artwork for Lou Simm's single: "Tonight"

Lou Simms comin' hard out of SoHo, New York — and I mean comin' hard. He's been on a serious mission these last few months, consistently dropping 3 singles in a row, and he's definitely been makin' some splashes. On Lou's newest single, "Tonight," he slightly reminds me of more melodic Kevin Gates (call me crazy if you must) but that's how I feel.

Our favorite lyrics:

"Got me like believe me

I don't wanna move to fast cause then you'll leave me

When I'm fucking you, you tell me take it easy

Look me in my face and tell me that you need me"

You can peep Lou Simm's newest single below, as well as, the rest of his collection!

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