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Mo3's latest project Shottaz 3.0

Cover art for Mo3's project Shottaz 3.0

Only twenty five years old and blowing up speakers from Dallas, TX, Mo3 is already in the works of carving out a big spot of the rap game and my daily rotations. In the last three years we've seen him receive cosigns from artist Lil Ronny and Dj Hollywood Bay Bay. However, the biggest and yes, the most influential cosign is definitely from Boosie. Mo3 describes the cosign as a dream come true because he literally grew up on Boosie's CDs.

In Mo3's latest project, Shottaz 3.0, he utilizes a melodic approach to confess brash honesty flooded with heavy-stomach-punching trap-inspired instrumentals that keeps your head nodding. The project totals twenty one tracks and runs for an hour and sixteen minutes as you follow a true gangster throughout his daily routines. He covers cooking up and selling drugs, his kids and baby momma, and how you gotta keep watching everybody around you. As you progress through the project you'll find two cited features from both, Jucee Froot on "Baby Momma," and Moneybagg Yo on their hit single, "Numbers." The music video has two million views on YouTube already and can be found below.

Shottaz 3.0 begins with a calm and collected Mo3 as he proclaims, "I tuck my chain my shirt then walk through the lobby // The prosecutor and DA standing beside me, they don't like me" on the opening song "On The Way." The track foreshadows the rest of the project as he claims no should be messing with him.

The following track is "Everybody" and it's definitely my favorite track on the project. The song is structured well and is so wavy, but the message is really what does it for me. Mo3 takes the opportunity to stress that everybody around you always need to be watched. No matter how well you think you know someone, you really don't. If you're fan of Kevin Gate's Luca Brasi 3 sound, then you'll be a fan of Mo3. He's doing a really great job of shaping a new-age southern rap.

We recommend peeping Mo3's newest project below. Let me know what you think and comment your favorite track. Also, go show some love on Mo3's SoundCloud and let him know that DWHH sent you!

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