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San Diego's Hip Hop Fest '19

Flyer for San Diego Hip Hop Festival 2019

I’d like to say that the first annual San Diego Hip Hop festival was a huge success for anyone in the SoCal Hip Hop scene. On Saturday, March 2nd, Westcoast Entertainment (@westcoastradio.tv), hosted the first annual, San Diego Hip Hop Festival. A six hour event that consisted of a networking event for upcoming artists and brands, an interview row with local and national podcasts and radio stations, and a two hour showcase that featured the top models and artists coming out of SoCal. What's the best part about an event that’s stacked as this? GIVEAWAYS. Yes, Cheba Hut (@chebahut_sd) was there passing out their legendary sandwiches for free and I heard they were epically delicious. The fan favorite though? Babylon’s Garden (@babylonsgardencalifornia)! The Babylon Babes had their infamous edible gummies and let me tell you, some of these dudes and ladies were slumped after just a couple.

Interview row had more than a handful of media outlets for the artists and brands to speak with. All of these outlets are working hard to turn the spotlight on to San Diego’s blossoming Hip Hop community and culture. I had a chance to speak with MizFitz Radio (@mitzfitzradio), who are helping local SoCal artists get radio friendly music on their nation wide platform. GoHam Radio (@gohamradio) on other hand is hyper-focused on San Diego's local talent, events, and brands. They’re main goal for local artists is to motivate them by giving opportunity, hope and mentorship (G.o.H.a.m). They’ve had the opportunity to do interviews with high caliber artists like local legend Mitchy Slick. The Activated Podcast (@theactivatedpodcast) was also there speaking with artists and entrepreneurs. They’re presenting the raw, uncut, and gritty topics of the world through the outlook of three friends who are true hip hop heads. It’s sometimes brutally honest and uncomfortable, but more than not, educational, intriguing and inspiring for those chasing their dreams.

Dozens of artists and local Hip Hop entrepreneurs flooded the venue for hours looking to snag a few minutes with each these outlets. Local artists had the opportunity to speak on upcoming projects that were in the works, concerts they’ve booked, and some artists took it a step further letting brands know they’re looking for new ventures to expand their horizons beyond an artist — SUPER smart if you ask me. Entrepreneurs took to the mic to speak on the value of their mission statements and products. It was beautiful sight to see as you 360'd around the venue watching the people of our culture flourish in their craft. It was completely invigorating for anyone looking to pursue their dream. I got to meet with local fashion brands Tru Grind (@trugrind_apparel) and Loud Thoughts (@loudthoughtsofficial). Tru Grind is hyper-focused on the every day grind that we all go through while staying true to those actions. While Loud Thoughts focuses on thinking responsibly about your actions and words — a mission much needed in our culture. Other brands I got to speak with included, High Salve (@highsalve), who are teaching people how to “treat their skin the high way” through their award-winning topical products. I also spoke with, Chronic Kookies (@chronic_kookies), who’re are literally changing the way your edibles look. You can order your own 100mg “kookie” with any design printed on it… April 20th couldn’t come fast enough for some of ya, huh?

These are the perfect backdrops to getting the crowd pumped and excited for the stacked line up of local SoCal artists. My notable mentions for the night were, JA Youngwealth (ja.youngwealth), TrusB (@trusb), JT Active (I wasn't able to get his IG), and Biggie Babylon (@biggiebabylon). All four of these guys really brought the house down, whether it was fans dancing and screaming their lyrics or emotionally draining, it was spectacular. Let's just say, every camera phone was out recording. JA Youngwealth teased a new song with Kogniak (@kogniak) titled, “Chose to Hate.” An anthem dedicated to each of their haters who are still hating for no reason. Like, really? Just grow up already. TrusB is always a fan favorite, as his music is rooted deep in the West Coast soil it’s hard not to vibe with him. He did it differently, getting up on the DJ stage to make sure everyone could hear him and see him. Truly a great performer. I especially liked JT Active and his ability to bare all his emotions for a new crowd. He spoke about heartbreak and it came directly from his soul, even getting teary eyed a couple times as he fought through his words. And last but not least my guy Biggie Babylon brought the boom. Everybody was really digging his set and the Babylon Babes he brought with him.

If you didn't get to make it out to the 2019 San Diego Hip Hop Festival, I'll make sure to keep you posted on the next one. If you're looking to invest within yourself or your brand you need to be at the 2020 San Diego Hip Hop Festival. Bet.

Thank you to everyone I met over the weekend and a special thank you to GoHam Radio for inviting me out.

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