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Teasing, "Toxic," by Ricky James.

Cover art for Ricky James' unreleased single, "Toxic"

Young heart-throb, Ricky James, has done it again on his latest single, "Toxic." James' ability to belt out pop-punk inspired choruses about broken hearts and leaving love in the past over poppy-hip-hop infused beats is beyond this world. My favorite part? HE'S SO REAL and his music is very relatable.

Over the last few weeks, Ricky James has become a staple in my rotations. I can't get enough of his singing and catchy melodies. I was lucky enough to be one of the select few to hear his newest track, "Toxic," before it releases, and now, you can hear 30 seconds of it too! WHAT!? That's right, we're teasing 30 seconds of "Toxic." Check it out below!

"Toxic," releases on Friday (3/8) on all platforms.

Go show Ricky James (@riggyjames) some proper DWHH love <3

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