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Tha Firzt with BMK Baby

BMK Baby cover art for "Tha Firzt"

A couple months ago this kid, BMK Baby, reached out to me via IG regarding some upcoming music that he was dropping. I think at the time he had like three photos and fifteen hundred followers and no link to any music platforms… I was like “who is this kid?” and “how is he captivating an audience?” So naturally, I followed 'em.

I’ve been watching him tease music with the homies here and there, but he really caught my attention when I heard the west coast vibe in his teasers. West Coast lives forever! Even in Canada, eh!? (Yeah, he’s from Canada.) Then he dropped his first EP titled, Tha Firzt, at the beginning of the month, and it's got some banging tracks. It’s not long — six songs, fifteen minutes, and it includes three different features.

The entire project screams West Coast — think: YG, Rucci, Blueface, or even Frosty da Snowman — as Baby and the Big Move Kids talk gats, girls, getting guap and experimenting with drugs. Baby is sixteen, having fun, and making music with the homies, what'd you expect? The project starts off with, “F**k with Me Now,” featuring Meshaq Tyson (he's got three features on the project and kills them all), as the two paint a picture for anyone trying ride off their new wave. The Big Move Kids are popping in their hometown and to all the girls, old friends and any of those whack haters trying buddy up with them now, it’s not gonna happen — just ask Baby’s tuli.

Meshaq and Baby have created something special with their cadence, rhyme-scheme, and their back and forth throughout the second track, “Money Dance.” I’ve been rocking with it so much, I’ve even added it to my daily rotations playlist. Their mantras and motives for getting money keep you moving every time it comes on. I'd like to mention that the tracks that feature this duo stand out as the clear bangers -- here's to hoping they do a project together.

I’ve linked the project below for anyone looking to listen. Go show Baby and the Big Move Kids some DWHH love.

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