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The Hawk Tape Vol 1 - LiMM & NxG

Cover art for The Hawk Tape Vol 1 by LiMM & NxG

To be completely honest, I was recently turned on to LiMM by a mutual friend on Instagram. They had reached out via DM to tell us to feature LiMM's "Shoot to Win" single on our Weekly Wave. Even though LiMM wouldn't land on the Weekly Wave that week, I found myself drawn back to his SoundCloud to hear more of his work. That's when I stumbled across The Hawk Tape Vol 1 by LiMM and NxG — two college students capturing the the experience of campus life through their melodic hooks and upbeat-quick verses.

The 8 track, 26 minute project boasts the perspective of LiMM (a sophomore) and NxG (a freshman) as they navigate fake friends, promiscuity, and grinding out a spot in this rap game. As you get through the project, you'll find a solo track from each artist and only one guest verse from BT Raheem. "Anthem" starts the project off right with a catchy melody and verses that foreshadow the rest of the album. My favorite from the project is LiMM's solo song "No Luv," because it gives him the ability to lyrically assassinate the instrumental. Also, I'm a big advocate in love being a distraction, so keep preaching LiMM! The hit single "Come Up" bangs in at the 7th spot on the project. The single has just over 8k plays since dropping and is a complete wave within itself.

If you haven't heard of LiMM & NxG and you're looking for some good bars, great quality, and dope vibe then check out the project below. Let us know if you like it in the comments below, and go tell LiMM & NxG that we sent you to their page!

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