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"Therapy Shit" - Kevin Gates

Gates speaks on prison, business, and putting on for the fam.
Therapy Shit - Kevin Gates

If you haven't heard (cause maybe you deactivated your socials as some new resolution) Kevin Gates is outta prison. Yes, I repeat, Kevin is home -- and he's seriously dropping 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 About a week ago, Gates dropped Therapy Shit and I can't stop bumpin' this track. It goes too hard. As the title implies, Gates gives us a 3 minute stream of consciousness-like therapy session. He breaks down leaving behind a life of glory and world tours to sit in the clinker, coded orders to crew outside, pushin opps outta the way, and always going all out for you fam -- peep the Percy Kieth conclusion.

Gates finishes the song with the truth of puttin on for your fam -- no matter what.

"Dead broke while in New Orleans people thought I was balling Rented a black Maserati just for one of my artist When Versace jewelry was hot I was the one who had bought it Put the roof over your head when I had just had a daughter Show me where I hated on you backstabbed me too often Dealing with the opps while I'm in California recording"

Streaming now on YouTube & Soundcloud

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