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Way more problems than Jay

Vic drops a new song exploring depression, suicide, and other rumors.
Vic Mensa's 10k Problems

Vic Mensa is one of the most underrated rappers of today. Here, I'll say it again for the those in the back: VIC MENSE IS ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED RAPPERS OF TODAY. Within the last 24hrs, Vic dropped a track called, 10k Problems. The cover art is a black square, maybe a void of nothing. The 2 minute song covers a lot, and we mean a lot. Vic starts off lettin' us know he's relapsed and then quickly addresses the rumors of him "falling off." It doesn't let up. At all. The song takes an emotional tugging when he talks about being alone, his dad's recent surgery, and survivor guilt.

Our favorite lyrics:

"Now I got this gun case, facing 1-5, a lawyer's fees can't pay my mama not to cry Surrounded by homicide, I got survivor's guilt Wishing maybe I'd be better off if I got killed, wishing planes that I'm on would crash First class flight to an early grave, I'll be home at last"

Peep the song below -- now streaming on Vic's SoundCloud.

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