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The project features, Swizz Beatz, Jeremiah, PNB Rock, and Miguel.
Meek Mill's newest project "Legends of The Summer"

Meek has been on a mission since he's long awaited release from prison -- I mean, let's be real, the guy left prison in a helicopter. Talk about badass. Just a few weeks ago, Meek dropped a single, Stay Woke, featuring Miguel. A brash and aggressive 3-verse approach to highlighting social injustices, from Trayvon Martin to his own F1 (felony) lawsuit for popping a wheelie on a motorcycle. He encourages his audience to "stay woke" to a world that's clearly designed keep slavery modernized.

Just a few days ago, Meek blessed our ears with a new EP, Legends of The Summer. The project includes 4 tracks, featuring the likes of, Swizz Beatz, Jeremiah, PnB Rock and Miguel. We've had the pleasure of streaming this small project a few time, and we're very excited to have Meek back. I remember reading that Meek said he didn't do much writing while he was in prison, but it really doesn't seem like he needed to. The opening track, Millidelphia, is quite the anthem for his hometown, Philly. Swizz let's us know the king is back before the track bangs through the speakers... and boy was he right. Meek is truly an icon living, whether it be: reforming the prison system and social injustices in the court system, activism for the underprivileged youth, or spitting bars full of the realest truth.

Our favorite lyrics from the project? Millidelphia's chorus.

Who love the streets? Meek, Meek Who dropping heat? Meek, Meek Who locked the city up, pull up in that Bentley truck Rest of them motherfuckers see? Meek Who dropping shit through the worst? Meek Who really dropping that fire? Meek Back on the water, they listen when I speak Who got the key to the streets? Meek

If you haven't heard the project yet, you can stream it below on SoundCloud. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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